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    Haier Led 49" Tv,4k,Hdmix2,Hd Led,Usb Movie HAIER LE49B8200U

    Haier Led 49" Tv,4k,Hdmix2,Hd Led,Usb Movie HAIER LE49B8200U

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    SKU: HAIER-LE49B8200U
    Weight: 10 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: HAIER
    Dimension (cm): 110.7 X 64.5 X 9.5
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    Product details of Haier 49˝ 4K Ultra High definition UHD LED TV LE49B8200 (2 years Haier Malaysia Warranty)


    The Haier Group is the world’s No. 1 Major Appliances brand with a 9.8 % retail volume market share in 2015. With its commitment to quality and innovation, Haier brings the  inspired living experience to consumers in over 100 countries worldwide. With global headquarters based in the Chinese city of Qingdao and regional headquarters in both Paris and New York to serve its clients in Europe and America, Haier has 66 trading companies, 143,330 sales outlets and 24 industrial parks with 60,000 employees worldwide. Haier both pursues excellence in innovation through its five R&D centres and ensures its products are adapted to the tastes and needs of its consumers in its various local markets. Haier specialises in technology-driven research, manufacturing and trading a large range of durable products. In Europe, these include: televisions, refrigerators, dishwashers, washing machines, consumer electronics and energy saving home solutions.


    Haier Latest Ultra 4K LED TV
    In the cutting-edge technology world of 4K Ultra HD TVs, this Haier 49" 4K Ultra HD TV an exceptional value. With the huge pixel screen, there is more depth and shades of color than you’ve probably ever seen before. And it exemplifies the razor-sharp clarity and pixel detail which 4K Ultra HD is known for ― four times the detail of 1080p HDTVs.



    Ultra Slim LED TV

    LED technology enables Haier to provide you with the best picture thanks to the LED's placed all around the entire screen. With LED backlight technology, it is possible to make televisions "ultra slim" while at the same time improving the picture quality by increasing the color and contrast display. The new LED TV's consume much less electricity than traditional flat screens and do not contain any mercury. Not only are you saving money and space, you're helping to save the environment.


    Resolution Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

    Ultra HD TV has 4 times the resolution of a conventional Full HD TV. You’ll experience improved images regardless of the original content. Enjoy improved sharpness, increased depth perception, superior contrast, smooth natural motion, and flawless details. Ultra HD viewing means you can see every intricate detail on the screen clearer than ever. Your UHD TV offers a resolution four times higher than Full HD, with accurate true-to-life colour. Enjoy a picture that’s optimised for even greater clarity and detail than you’ve ever seen before.

    60 Hz Motion Rate


    The Haier LED TV's have a motion rate of 60Hz which means that the motion blur produced in LED TV are minimized. You can now enjoy watching your favorite show or movie without having to struggle from not being able to see movements properly


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