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     ELBA 1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner EPAC-D3910(WH) Mobile Aircond

    ELBA 1.0HP Portable Air Conditioner EPAC-D3910(WH) Mobile Aircond

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    SKU: ELBA-EPAC-D3910
    Weight: 27 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: ELBA
    Dimension (cm): 30x76x34
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    Product details of Elba EPAC-D3910 Portable Air Conditioner

    Global warming is very much real and you are feeling the heat? Feeling as if the Sun God is taking out his anger on you by making you sweat? The hotness in the air is making you hot, literally? The heat is getting you down so bad that you feel like moving to Antartica? Well, you do not have to look for a mover because the Elba EPAC-D3910 Portable Air Conditioner is here to rescue you from the heat and the sweat.

    Heat Away, Sweat Away

    The Elba EPAC-D3910 Portable Air Conditioner will be your saviour during the warmed-up days and nights. This modern, sleek, and elegantly designed Portable Air Conditioner packs in a lot of might in its small handsome body. With a thermostat range of 17?C to 30?C, you will be in control of your weather. Choose the environment that you wish to be in and cool off with the handy Elba EPAC-D3910 Portable Air Conditioner. Modern in design, it comes equipped with a front panel LED display so that you view the setting of your temperature with ease. Say goodbye to the heaty moments with this high-functioning air conditioner.

    Powered up to Chill Out

    With a power of consumption of only 999W, this portable cooling champion will instantly cool down the temperature giving you the feel of being in winter. This device is portable, meaning you can transport this air conditioner wherever you go and whenever you are need in to bring down the temperature. Easy to use is the key phrase that Elba might have kept in mind while designing this air conditioner as it is both easy to use and clean. The appliance comes with removable and washable air filter so that you can remove it whenever you want and clean it for cleaner and healthier air.

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