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    Panasonic Slow Juicer Low Speed Compression MJ-L500
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    Panasonic Slow Juicer Low Speed Compression MJ-L500

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    SKU: PANA-MJ-L500
    Weight: 5 kg, 0 grams
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    Brand: PANASONIC
    Dimension (cm): 18.5 x 17.6 x 43.2
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    Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500 Low Speed Compression

    • 1 Year Local Manufacturer Warranty
    • Free Exclusive Mug
    • Low speed compression
    • Easy to use 
    • Keep juice delicious longer without separation
    • Squeezing while preserving nutrition 
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    For rich-tasting highly nutritious juices.

    The Slow Juicer is able to produce high nutrient juice with its low speed grinding system (the screw rotates slowly at 45rpm to squeeze ingredients thus nutrients are not destroyed by friction heat. This is a highly efficient way to obtain nutrients.) There is no heat and no oxidation during the juicing process thus preserving the nutrition and enzyme in its original form. The Slow Juicer can also produce delightful frozen dishes with its 'Frozen Attachment' by following a few simple steps.









    Product details of Panasonic Slow Juicer MJ-L500

    ◆ In the low-speed rotation, rotate slowly "slow compression throttle system" screw to make the vitamin C-rich fresh juice, and squeezed the juice by grinding while compressing the ingredients. Because it is difficult to include the air, in a smooth finish, you can make the juice of vitamin C a lot. 
    ◆ You can combine the frozen frozen Suites can make like sherbet from food "frozen attachment" various ingredients, you can add the yogurt, arrange things. It is recommended for dessert. The screw bottom portion is stainless of
    ◆, hard food also as possible squeezed firmly in the "stainless parts heck screw" screw bottom own was stainless of "stainless parts heck screw", not only soft food, and last even in hard food such as leafy vegetables and legumes You can be as possible squeezed up. 
    ◆ with full "recipe book" a menu that you'll want to try.  
    ※ It is very dangerous because Touching Direct blade parts for safe use of your electric mixer, please pay attention. Do not open the lid, while driving, please do not put anything other than cooking material into the mixer cup. 
    • Mounting, dismounting, clean the parts are switched off, please go after disconnecting the power plug. Please remove the power plug from the outlet when not in use. · Please do not use in the reach of children and infants.

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