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    Samsung 2000W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - VCC4470S4R

    Samsung 2000W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - VCC4470S4R

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    Brand: SAMSUNG
    Dimension (cm): 32 x 31 x 51
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    Product details of Samsung 2000W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner - VCC4470S4R

    Dusty homes are a nightmare. Get rid of dusty homes in a fast and efficient manner - leaving no trace like it was never there with Samsung 2000W Bagless Vacuum Cleaner. This durable and long lasting appliance is designed to go above and beyond its call of duty; giving you perfect cleaning power when you need it most! 

    Efficient Air-Flow Systems!

    The vacuum is created with a unique Super Twin Chamber System™ that divides the normal dust chambers into two compartments. This improves cleaning durability. The airflow system of Samsung Super Twin Chamber is designed to minimise dust overflow so that it can keep its maximum suction power for a longer period of time. Super Twin Chamber offers 20% longer lasting suction power compared to conventional vacuum cleaners.

    Dust and Particle Free, Completely!

    Samsung’s vacuum features HEPA filtration that ensures the cleanest exhaust when you vacuum. It catches micro particles such as dust and other allergens like pollen and mould to deliver a much cleaner and healthier environment. The exhaust air quality and emission ability of Samsung’s HEPA filters have been certified by the SLG, Germany’s prestigious testing and certification institute. This incredible vacuum is a perfect addition to homes with sensitive noses!

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