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    Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 1400W 0.6L PANA-MC-CL305-BL
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    Panasonic Vacuum Cleaner 1400W 0.6L PANA-MC-CL305-BL

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    Brand: PANASONIC
    Dimension (cm): 31 x 26 x 24
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    Product details of Panasonic Bagless Vacuum Cleaner MC-CL305

    Product Description
    The PSN-MCCL305 is a bagless, compact yet powerful vacuum cleaner. You can maneuver it into constricted spaces and get excellent cleaning performance. It features Twin Cyclone Type dust collection and a blower. The variable power control lets you save energy and adjust the power according to surface cleaned.

    ECO with High Suction Power
    Save both the environment and electricity. The high-performance motor delivers excellent cleaning results with quick dust capturing and is 130% more power efficient than most conventional vacuum cleaners.

    Twin Cyclone Type Dust Collection
    In the dust compartment, 2 whirling airflows are generated to ensure clear air passage and clogging is prevented. Even though the unit is compact, it contains a large dust compartment for its size.  

    Compact Design
    You’ll find that the compact design allows you to store it just about anywhere, saving you the hassle about storage space.

    Air Dust Catcher
    Conventional flat-head nozzles just captures dust from underneath it. This innovative design allows dust and other particles to be captured both from the floor and the air above it so that you can vacuum safely without letting your family breathe the airborne dust while vacuuming.

    You will find it useful to blow the dust in accessible places into the air for easier capturing by the vacuum cleaner. It is ideal for cleaning lighting fixture, window corners or even house plants. Keep your fragile items clean with this excellent feature.

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