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    Dimension (cm): 24 x 17.8 x 0.3
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    Same resolution, different experience
    At 9.7 inch in size, the brand new iPad Air 2 still brings frontward a 2048 x 1536 pixel resolution, capable of providing over 31 million pixels to enhance your viewing, reading, gaming, and movie watching experience. It now features a bonded display, permitting a more precise color reproduction while reducing the amount of glare when you’re under the sun.

    Beastly performance under the hood
    Do not let its slender profile fool you, despite its size the iPad Air 2s’ hardware is completed revamped. Both of its two processors are upgraded for superior speed and experience. The A7 chip is swapped with a faster A8X processor to allow quicker processing and app switching. It’s former M7 processor is replaced with a M8 chip instead, gathering information from onboard sensors such as the barometer, gyroscopes, accelerometer, GPS, and the compass for improved accuracy.

    Take home the iOS 8
    Appreciate and run applications, further optimized by Apple’s iOS 8. One of the worlds most advanced mobile operating system to date. Its packed with plenty of features, making easy chore that much easier and intuitive. Read emails; send texts, videos or audios on the fly, exploit on-board applications such as Safari, Mail, iMovie, Garageband and more!

    Keep working
    It is more than just a tablet, it’s a tool capable of many great feats and the people of Apple has ensured the latest iPad Air 2 to stay powered to serve you longer. Though it is far thinner and smaller, it still provides the incredible 10-hours of service. This is due to the efficiency of both A8X and M8 processors, keeping energy consumption low, but productivity at a high.

    Cable free
    Its timeless and pristine in nature, the iPad Air 2 will connect to more bands than ever before thanks to its wireless hardware, keeping cable clutter at a low. At twice the speed, the two antennas will allow download speeds of up to 300Mbps, enabling movies to be downloaded, photos and files to be shared through emails or via its AirDrop feature.

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