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      Pensonic Dish Dryer / Dish Warmer PDD-11
      • Capacity for 6-person
      • Additional fork & spoon rack
      • High efficiency heating plate with even warm air distribution
      • Timer (minutes): 30
      • 90 & 120Convenient design cover with wide opening angle
      • Removable dish tray & water collector for easy cleaning
      • Low energy consumption
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      Panasonic Dish Dryer Ant Bacteria FD-S3AM1

      Air VelocityProduct details of Panasonic FD-S3AM1 Dish Dryer Experience the best in kitchenware hygience with Panasonic Hygienia Dish Dryer. Eliminating germs from your kitchen utensils, while keeping dishes dry and bacteria free. You can now be sure that your family is well protected!

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